Kids’ music download of the week: Wake Up Baby!

When it came time for me to pick out my favorite song from Dan Zanes’ most excellent, brand new CD Little Nut Tree, it didn’t take me long to zero in on the duet between Zanes and Shine, the lead singer of Shine and the Moonbeams which brought down a jaded, industry-filled house at this year’s Kindiefest.

The free download of Wake Up Baby! will start your day off on the right note with its peppy beat and the mellow cool of Dan Zanes coupled with the soulful power of Shine. In fact, it’s a great song for any time of the day when you need a little sugar-free boost. -Christina

Grab a free copy of Wake Up Baby! from Dan Zanes’ Little Nut Tree. The song will automatically start to play when the link is clicked; right-click it to save to your computer.


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.

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