Dell and Threadless sitting in a tree

Threadless laptop from DellI love that buying tech these days doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a plain silver or black gadget that looks exactly like every other. (Or wow–remember when they were all beige?) Now that there are so many ways to express our personalities through our technologies,I love that Dell and the always wonderful Threadless have teamed up to give us custom tech at its best.

We’re already big fans of the Dell Design studio, which
allows you to choose from all sorts of cool designs to jazz up your
laptop. But now, you can take the awesome t-shirts designs from indie fave
Threadless, who we have a crush on too,
and turn your laptop in a work of art .

The new Threadless Artist series of laptops range from the sweet Grandma’s Hot Air Balloon to
more modern, funky designs like Stone Jungle or Electric Sky, all created by independent artists and designers.

If you’ve got a teen or college student dying for a laptop for the holidays–or heck, even for yourself–this can be a special way to to take what’s already terrific computer and turn it into something terrifically personal. -Kristen

The Dell XPS Laptop starts at $799.99 with the Threadless Artist lids priced at $85.

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