Belkin Mini Surge: The ultimate travel charger

If you’ve done any sort of traveling, then you know how tough it can be to find enough outlets to charge all your gadgets in the airport and in your hotel room. I’ll have my laptop plugged in at the desk, then my phone and tablet in the bathroom, which definitely isn’t the safest option. That’s why I’m so glad I found this smart new gadget from Belkin.

The Mini Surge with USB charger protects your computer and lets you charge your phones, PDAs, or MP3s. You get room to charge up to 3 devices as well as 2 USB outlets. And while it’s definitely handy for frequent travelers, I’m getting one to keep in my kitchen. With everything else we’ve got plugged in here, electrical outlets are a hot commodity.

You can purchase the Belkin Mini Surge charger with USB on the Belkin site.

Kristen is CEO/Co-Founder of Cool Mom Picks and a busy mom of four kids who lives in the Philly 'burbs. Though really, what mom isn't busy?


  • Reply January 14, 2012


    Hi There!

    This looks like a real problem solver! We just got back from the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show where we heard Travel Photographer, Ralph Velasco recommend bringing a power strip with you whenever you travel.

    Here’s why I need one of these: When we travel, not only do the phones and laptop need charging, but our cameras, lights, mics, etc. need juice, too and the space in and weight of our gear bags are factors, too!


  • Reply January 15, 2012


    Great idea! I’m sending this with my husband for his trip to Vegas for his iPod, iPhone and camera! I’ll use this when I go to my conference this summer too for all my gadgets too, thanks for the idea!

  • Reply January 16, 2012



    Totally agree with this post. Its a great travel gadget in hotel rooms that hide their outlets. And once you find one, its now enough for all the electronics you will have with you. That is why i got one of those for myself and wrote a couple of posts about it. Its always a great idea to have a surge protection for your laptop to keep your work safe

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