Piquing Our Geek: Super Mario Bros One-Star Converse

Converse Super Mario SneakersHow fondly I remember those giddy days (and nights!) of playing Super Mario Bros. in brilliant 8-bit color. It was a simpler time. A time when I loved nothing better than stomping turtles.

And I still remember the panicky excitement of catching that bounding star and being invincible, at least for a few seconds.

Can I have that in real life? No. But this is the next best thing.

While these retro-cool Super Mario Bros Converse sneakers aren’t available just yet, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for them to appear online like a one-up that has to be caught super-quick.

We dig the smooth, retro-cool leather and understated graphics. And we totally wouldn’t mind our husbands wearing these (or hey, even us!), along with a Star Wars/Guns n’ Roses cross-over shirt. Because we’re unapologetic geeks, of course. Heck, it’s better than a frog suit. ~Delilah

So tell us, would you sport these Converse One-Star Super Mario Bros?

via CNET


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