The new Facebook App Center is coming. Holy cow–you’re never getting out now.

Facebook App CenterSeems everywhere you turn now, there’s a new app just waiting for you to try out. We’re living in an app-cessed world! (I just made that up). There have been many Facebook apps we’ve touted here on Cool Mom Tech, including Wrapp for social gift carding and Emma which offers up personalized classifieds. But in a few weeks, you’ll get to experience the glory of all Facebook apps in one central marketplace. Intrigued? Yeah, us too.

The brand spanking new Facebook App Center is coming later this month.
Yes, another app store for you to peruse and purchase from. It’s slated to feature thousands of apps
for use just through Facebook, both free and paid, with more added as the market for them grows. And
both iOS and Android users will be happy to know that all apps will be
accessible to them through their respective Facebook mobile apps. 

As with the iTunes store and Google Play,
Facebook app listings will feature user ratings and comments so you can get a little help figuring out which
are worth even more of the time you spend on Facebook. (Of course, we’ll be helping you with that too.) And for your
convenience, the apps will be organized by categories like Lifestyle,
Music, News, and Travel.

Between the news feed, the photos, the social interaction, and now the apps, you’ll never have a reason to leave Facebook. Ever. Is that a good thing? Well, you tell us.  -Jeana

Learn more about the Facebook App Center coming soon!

Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children.

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