Orbitz, take me away

Plan your trip with the Orbitz appI usually don’t feel the need to “go away” on vacation during the summer months, especially since it’s already warm out and we live close to the beach. But after seeing a show on the travel channel about Tahiti, I decided that is where I want our next family trip to be. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) 

I downloaded the newly relaunched Orbitz app and decided to give my fantasy Tahiti planning a whirl on my mobile phone just to see how it works. 

Since everything I’d need to book a trip from flights to hotels* and rental cars is readily available on the
app, I was hoping
I could get everything done in one fell swoop. (Not that I’d need a car in Tahiti.) Immediately, I noticed a huge difference in
how much easier the app is to use when compared to its previous version.
Everything is touch and tap now and a lot more intuitive, which is a
nice change from having to manually enter in a lot of data. 

With a couple quick taps I was able to find
roundtrip airfare for four on that 20 hour flight to Papeete French Polynesia for a mere $8,997. Next, a tap on the
home button takes me to the main page where I can click on hotels and sort by star ratings, price or amenities.

Orbitz travel appIt’s pretty cool that my entire trip can be
booked directly from my phone. And since the app syncs with my Orbitz
account, I can look online from my PC whenever I want to get my
itinerary or travel details. There are also cool “mobile only” deals
that I can only get through the app.  

My Tahiti trip itinerary may just be a pipe dream right now, but being able to book it within minutes is very real. Someday. -Jeana 

Orbitz app is
available for free from iTunes.

*However keep in mind, iOS users, that
you might want to sort by price since the release of the news that
Orbitz recommends higher priced hotels to Mac users with the data that
they spend more on travel.

Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children.

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