SensoGlove golf gloveIf you’re still looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift for a gadget-loving dad in your life, this insanely cool golf glove could be that very thing. Well, provided he’s a gadget-loving, golf-playing dad. Who doesn’t already own one.

The SensoGlove
is a golf glove with built-in sensors, sci-fi movie style. So it reads
and records your grip pressure during both address and swing to help you
improve it and, with any hope, improve your game overall. That little
sweat-proof LCD monitor on the outside will tell you everything you need
to know, including alerting you when your grip is off.

And lucky for you ladies of the links – they make them in your sizes too. -Liz

Fnd the SensoGlove online at In the Hole Golf where hopefully they have overnight  or two-day shipping. Use SPRINGGOLF for 5% off your order.

[h/t uncrate]