Change of address cards get way easier–and more philanthropic–in a digital world

online moving announcementsIf you’re moving, the thought of sending beautiful little change of address stationery is kind of lovely. But let’s be frank, in this day and age, that means you’re asking your friends and family to open the card, bring it to the computer, and enter the info. Unless of course all your friends and family are still using Rolodex cards and pens. (In which case, we’re surprised to see you here. Welcome!)

Paperless Post, a long time favorite resource of mine, has a vast and growing collection of online moving announcements
that I love. I’ve always been a fan of Paperless Post’s cards because, unlike other
ecard sites, the tasteful envelope animation and the delivery mechanism
really demand that recipients open and read it.

There are more than 30 designs to choose from, including some city -specific cards like New York (seen here), Boston, London, and Paris. I

But what I really love–in a new Paperless Post feature, you can even
customize your own stamp, including a selection of stamps for good which
supports organizations like Project (RED), Amnesty International, and the ASPCA
which will receive a $.05 donation for each one used.

stamps for good

That can really add up
if you think of all the people moving, and all the people they’ll want to send a moving announcement

Especially now that you don’t have to write out every single envelope by hand. -Liz

Find a selection of digital moving announcements plus invitations, stationery and more online at Paperless Post. And make sure to check out the Stamps for Good selection when you’re customizing your cards. Plus, you can now post them to Facebook! Wham – easy way to get all your friends at once.

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