Kids’ music download of the week: I Just Had an Idea

Middle of Nowhere Elska CDFrom the first five seconds off her debut CD, Middle of Nowhere, I knew I was in for something totally, deliciously different from Iceland’s one-named Elska. These notes lead into an electronic-filled, peppy tune that will have your kids bopping around, even on a lazy Sunday.

I Just Had an Idea has such great lyrics and a fun techno-pop sound for our wonder-filled children. Though lyrics like We are mental pioneers could also refer to the unique, break-the-mold singer who seems to be coming up with her own ideas about kids’ music.

This is one definitely worth a listen. -Christina

Download a copy of Elska’s I Just Had an Idea from her new release Middle of Nowhere.


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.

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