Children’s blocks like Inception, but for teaching tiny techies

Kids used to play with plain old wood blocks. Then they started playing on our tablets and smartphones. Now they can use a tablet toy to form a smartphone made of wood! INCEPTED!

(The only thing that would make it cooler is the inclusion of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.)

circuit board kids puzzle

The TinkerTablet is a clever toy that teaches the concepts of technology with absolutely no technology. It includes a wipe off board, a “how it works” puzzle, and a smartphone frame to assemble all the components that make a smartphone work, like a big wooden puzzle.

Also, it keeps kids from needing to take our real phones apart. Smart, right?

Tinkermite is currently a Kickstarter project, and a donation of $50 to help get the business started earns you your very own handmade Tinkermite tablet. The money also goes to making sure the products are made of quality, eco-conscious materials and rigorously tested for child safety.


Kids might not know how a CPU works yet, but this way to learn is a lot cuter and safer than giving them a screwdriver and a PC, right? Or is my kid the only one who hoards batteries and flathead sets. ~Delilah


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