Honey, where’s my keys? And phone? And glasses? And…

I am not the only person who has wished that there were mini LoJaks to put on pretty much everything I own–mainly 5 minutes after I’m supposed to be somewhere and still can’t find my cell phone or my sunglasses. So when I saw this brilliant little device I thought, yep. Made for me.

The Butler knows where your keys are.

The Butler
by inventive woodworker/designer Curtis Micklish is handmade in San
Diego, where I suppose they lose their stuff too. You hang this gorgeous
wooden piece on a wall, and slide out the darker wooden bar to make
space for your wallet (if it’s slim enough) and keys on top; plus slide
your iPhone on the side so it can double as a charging dock. Voila, you
always know where everything is.

That is, provided you put everything there the second you walk in the door. I will have to work on that part. –Liz

Find The Butler online from Micklish and find lots of other beautiful wooden items there too.

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We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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