Holy Holga Case, Batman! Or Android users. (Same thing?)

‘Droiders, rejoice! We were jumping with nerdy photo-taking joy when the Holga iPhone lens made it possible to take Instagram-like photos from your smartphone and whatdya know? Now there’s a Holga for the Samsung Galaxy i9100.

Like the iPhone version we love so much, the Holga Android case snaps right on to your phone and gives you 9 lenses and filters with a simple spin of the dial for funkier shots and super cool effects.

Holga Lens smartphone photography

And what I really like is that you don’t need to pop lenses on and off your phone, which can be a little time consuming; not an issue when your’e shooting trees, but tough if kids are in your shot. With the Holga, they’re all right there for the spinning. And the snapping. -Shari

Find the Holga lens case for Samsung Galaxy i9100 at Four Corner Store.


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