Triposo is like Wikitravel meets Trip Advisor. On your phone.

Triposo brings travel information to your phones If traveling more is one of your resolutions, have we got the app for you. Or at least the app for me.

Because whenever I’m planning a trip, I love to research the area in advance, get a feel for the major attractions, learn about the pace of the city, the culture and anything else I can absorb before getting there. And this new travel guide app lets you do just that, without packing all those bulky books. (Does anyone use those anymore?)

Triposo is
a virtual travel guide app that houses information about major tourist
cities around the world. Part resource and part
crowdsourced project, the app compiles information that’s already out
there from places like Wikipedia and Wikitravel, with direct user
feedback from people who have traveled to the places themselves–like Trip Advisor.

for getting those tidbits of information that you wouldn’t otherwise
find. Plus? Free.

Triposo brings travel guides to your phones Download the app and you can scroll
through the long list of locations and download the content you want as a mini guide. That means you can access it all on our device without worrying about WiFi or roaming fees.

app provides with the main topics you’d expect: major
attractions, currency, climate, general tourist information. But then it drills down into specifics like great restaurants, hotels, shows, tours
and more. More well-traveled cities like New York City and Paris have
more information at this point than places like Guam and East Timor, but the latter
two still contain helpful details on what you’d need to know before
traveling there. 

While the city guides in Triposo aren’t as detailed as more established city guides like the Fodor’s app, for a free app, it’s a great way to get quick useful information for your next trip. Or even figuring out where it should be.  -Jeana 

Triposo app is is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children.

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