We’ve all had times on Facebook when we have read status updates that just make us cringe. A friend’s drunken bridesmaid night, perhaps? Or maybe…you yourself have posted something that you now realize is not something you want up there for eternity. Well, without having to scour through the years and years of Facebook updates to find it, a new app will do it for you.

FaceWash Social Scrubber app cleans up your Facebook profile

Grab the SimpleWash Social Scrubber Facebook app then you can immediately access you Facebook account through the Social Scrubber
website. By giving the app permission to access your account, it will
automatically begin searching through your Facebook history (status
updates, comments, photos, likes) and identify anything it deems worthy
of being scrub consideration.

Call me boring but in my years
of being on Facebook it tagged one photo of me and some girlfriends in
which I commented, “Girls gone wild…” Apparently, “wild” is
scrub-worthy. Other than that, my social history came up clean. Phew!
The app also scans for words pertaining to sex, drinking, drugs, and profanity. Plus 
you can customize your searches if there are specific comments you remember making, but just don’t recall when.
Upon identifying these words, you have the option to delete the offender or realize, eh…not really so bad.

you read the description on the website, yu’ll see that they’re
heavily marketing this app towards recent college grads to have a more
“professional” social networking presence. Which we think is pretty
smart. But hey, even parents have the occasional lapse in judgment and
could probably benefit from a good scrub every now and again. -Jeana

Grab the SimpleWash Social Scrubber Facebook app through the website