Shopping for tech for less through Luvocracy

This week, we became tastemakers on an awesome new site called Luvocracy–basically it’s like Pinterest, only you can shop directly through the curated recommendations we make on site and get the guaranteed best price on any item. We even have a category for fabulous tech–which we’re pretty sure you’ll like. (Though yes, we’re biased.)

White trash iPhone case on Luvocracy | Cool Mom Tech

And hey, if you click through our community link and sign up, you can curate and sell your own collections, getting a small percentage of sales. Sweet, right?

One of the finds on the site was to great not to share here: A white trash iphone case. Not as in, it’s going to get extra good reception in a trailer, but that it looks like a piece of crumpled white paper. So clever. (So don’t get mad at us for the name, okay?)

I see a lot of iPhone cases and I really really want this one. Also, I suddenly have a craving for Ambrosia. -Liz

Join Luvocracy through Cool Mom Picks and get a $10 credit as soon as you sign up. You’ll find great finds like this iPhone case that you can buy directly through the site, and make a small percentage of sales when you curate and sell your own collections. Get in on this one early, trust us. And have fun!


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. This makes her very happy.

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