It’s homework time again! If sitting around the kitchen table learning parts of the body is a major bummer for your kids, check out this new amazing educational app. Imagine the children’s science museum on your iPad–and hey, it may even get them to eat their broccoli!


The Human Body app is a fun visual playground where your younger kids can explore what makes up the human body. There are no instructions, no lessons, and no study questions. Just beautiful visual representations of the key systems within the human body.

I started off by choosing the nervous system, and a mosquito, feather, flowers, and needle appeared. Touch the mosquito, and he flies over to the body and stings it, and you can see the nerves send signals to the brain. I have to admit, it’s kind of addictive to see what each item will do.


nervous system

The sound effects are both hilarious and compelling–the pulsing swoosh of the heart pumping is soothing, but the gassy squeaks coming from the digestive system are enough to send my kids into a fit of giggles.

While this app won’t replace any of your kids’ science books, it’s a fun place to play and learn. Mine love to see how that broccoli (or ice cream) they put into the mouth makes its way all the way down to the intestines and, well, you know. And there are more detailed close-ups of several organs so you can discover even more!


You can personalize multiple profiles with unique backgrounds and hairstyles, so each one of your kids can explore what’s hidden inside his or her own body! And the anatomical labels are available in more than 50 languages. But beware, it’s a big one weighing in at 342 MB. Make room on that iPad.

Go play around inside The Human Body for iOS for $2.99 via iTunes.