As a family of frequent travelers, we have a lot of headphones at the ready, just waiting to be thrown into our carry-on bags or in the car. But we’e never seen anything like this before.

Billed as a hybrid headphone/speaker system, Flips headphones are designed to work like regular headphones for personal listening, but turn into actual speakers when the earpieces are flipped over. How amazing for travel, when you want to transition from quiet gaming or movie time on the road, and then music when you get to your destination.

Though they’re not noise-canceling specifically, having tried them out, they do a really good job at blocking out talking and white noise, and are well padded and comfortable. The clarity of the output is surprisingly good, too, though louder than I thought they would be, so I’d recommend lowering the volume on your device for starters, to save everyone’s ears.

flips headphones | cool mom tech

I especially love that they fold up super compactly, and there’s no switch or additional cords needed to make the transition from headphone to speaker keeping them light for travel and easy to use. You literally just flip the earpieces over.

Just know that the headphones do have to be charged with an included USB cable before you can use the speaker functionality.

At $120, Flips are definitely a splurge, but considering the dual use you can get out of them, it could be worth the investment. If your kids will share. -Pilar

Find Flips headphones online from the Flips Audio website. There’s a 30 day free trial which is a nice incentive.

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