I went to Uganda last year, and I nearly lost my iPhone in the Kazinga Channel. I was paying too much attention to a hippo. My stomach still does a flip when I think about it, but I learned an important lesson: Extreme conditions call for extreme protection, especially for our precious gadgets. And you don’t have to be braving wild animals to want some of what LifeProof has to offer either.

If you’re going mini any time soon, the new LifeProof Nuud case for the iPad mini provides the extreme protection you’ll want, whether you’re on safari, on the slopes, or at a swim meet. This case is super lightweight, sleek, and slim, with direct access to the touch screen. It’s designed to protect the screen from impact even without a protective cover, so there’s no glare, and the display still looks gorgeous–especially important for the new iPad mini with retina display. Because it sure does look gorgeous.

LifeProof’s name means what it says: The Nuud is waterproof (yes, even with the exposed screen), snow-proof, dirt-proof, and drop-proof. While I haven’t tried tossing my iPad Mini from the ski lift or into the pool, I’m extremely confident in LifeProof’s claims.

The accompanying accessories are pretty cool too, like the mounting cradle (maybe for our next road trip), and the LifeJacket–which, fair warning parents, smells awful. I’d advise keeping it out of your toddlers’ mouths, though it does make the iPad mini buoyant even in the Kazinga Channel. Though who knows, a hippo might still find it tasty. -Julie

LifeProof iPhone and iPad cases are available via their website, as well as Target, AT&T, and J&R. Please note that Amazon resellers are NOT authorized by LifeProof.