13 photos from children around the world that could actually help change it.


Everyone has a story. And one excellent nonprofit called the 100 Cameras project is using photography to help kids around the globe tell theirs.

The organization is made up of a team of volunteers who work with children worldwide, teaching them how to express themselves, their lives and their communities through photography. And wow, what photography it is. So far, the group has done projects as far and wide as South Sudan, Cuba, India, Baltimore, and New York City.

Here are just a few of the remarkable works that depict the world through the eyes of an incredible group of preteens and teens.


At top: South Sudan by Kaban, Age 14


100 Cameras Project - Cuba little league players

Cuba by Jose, Age 13

India as seen by  Nishanthi, Age 16 | 100 Cameras Project

Indian Ceiling by Nishanthi, Age 16 | 100 Cameras Project

India by Nishanthi, Age 16


100 Cameras print - South Sudan by Buba, Age 14

South Sudan by Buba, Age 14


100 Cameras project | Baltimore as shot by Kalongi, Age 14

Baltimore by Kalongi, Age 17

100 Cameras Project - South Sudan from Josephine, Age 14

South Sudan by Josephine, Age 14

100 Cameras Cuba print | Cool Mom Tech

Cuba by Manuel, Age 10 - 100 Cameras Project

Cuba by Manuel, Age 10


100 Cameras | Baltimore as shot by Mariame, Age 14

Baltimore by Mariame, Age 14

Cuba by Eduardo, Age 11 | 100 Cameras Project

Cuba by Eduardo, Age 11

NYC Lower East Side stairwell by Joseph, Age 14 | 100 Cameras Project

NYC by Joseph, Age 14

Cuba by Alexander, Age 13 | 100 Cameras Project

Cuba by Alexander, Age 13

The global child photographers of the 100 Cameras project | Cool Mom Tech

Should you be as inspired as we are, the organization turns the photo essays into limited edition prints, postcards, photo books, and calendars all for sale. Profits support kid-centered organizations that identify local problems and provide the means to help solve these needs. That is, all of the profits.


So whatever you buy, every penny will go towards empowering these young photographers around the world to create real, tangible change in their own communities, whether it’s providing school supplies, protective fencing, healthcare resources, or AIDS education and treatments. Some of our favorites are sold out, but we hope they’ll print more of them soon. As you can see, every one is an exquisite piece of art and storytelling all at once.

How amazing is it to be able to think how simple photographs from children can change the world.

Learn more about 100 Cameras and their five international projects, and read the bios of the remarkable young photographers. You can support the initiative by shopping for prints and photo products or donating to the cause.


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