99 texting acronyms and phrases that every parent should know

99 texting acronyms and phrases every parent should know | Cool Mom Tech

By now, texting acronyms like LOL and OMG are pretty pervasive in pop culture; my daughter knew them in preschool, you hear them from the least hip anchors on TV morning shows, and heck, your own parents probably have texted you an LOL at some point. But when you’re the parent of a tween or teen, and you’re keeping careful track of who – and what – they’re texting, it’s good to be able dig a little deeper. Here, 99 texting acronyms and expressions that every parent should know. It’s not complete by any means, but it’s a start.

Of course, some will vary by region or even school or peer group. And yes, there will be completely new ones by the time you have these memorized. Wily kids.



143          I love you

1432        I love you too

ATM        At The moment

gerd          Abbreviaton for ermagerd (Oh my God)

GR8          Great

CMB         Call Me Back

CUNS       See You In School

F2F          Face to Face

FOAF       Friend Of A Friend

FML          F*** My Life

FTW          For The Win

GTG           Got to Go

GTFO       Get the F* Out

HAK        Hugs and Kisses

HMU       Hit Me Up

IKR         I Know, Right?

IDC          I Don’t Care

IDK         I don’t Know

ITA/D     I Totally Agree/Disagree

IRL         In real life

J/K         Just Kidding

KK          Okay

KWIM    Know what I mean?

L&R        Love and respect

mmk       Mmm…okay

MEGO     My Eyes are Glazing Over

MYT        Meet You There

NAGI       Not A Good Idea

NBD        No Big Deal

NGH       Not Gonna Happen

NMP        Not My Problem

NSFW      Not Safe for Work

NSFL       Not Safe for Life

NTIM       Not That It Matters

N00B      Newbie

OATUS   On a totally unrelated subject

O RLY    Oh, really?

P&C         Private and Confidential

PITA        Pain in the A**

REHI       Hi, again

RUOK      Are You OK?

QQ            Crying (often humorously)

SFSG       So Far So Good

SLT         Something Like That

SOL         Sh** Out of Luck

SUP        What’s up?

UOK        Are you okay?

4Q             F*** You

VCDA      Vaya Con Dios, Amigo

VSF         Very Sad Face

WDYM  What Do You Mean?

WFM     Works For Me

WRUD    What Are You Doing?

WTG        Way To Go!

W00T      Hooray!

WTH        What The Hell?

XOXOZZZ Hugs, kisses, sweet dreams

ZOMG       Oh my God

99 texting acronyms every parent should know | Cool Mom Tech



AITR       Adult in the Room

303          Mom

M/POS    Mom/Parents over shoulder

PIR          Parent in Room

PAL         Parents are Listening

PAW       Parents are Watching

CD9         Parents around/Code 9

PA / PA911    Parent Alert

9                Parent Watching

99             Parent Gone



53X          Sex

?^              Want to Hook Up?

ASLP       (What is your) Age/Sex/Location/Picture? (Also ASL)

CU46         See You For Sex

DYHAB/G    Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

DTH          Down To Hang (I’m up for getting together)

FWB           Friends With Benefits

GNOC         Get Naked on Camera

I&I              Intercourse & Inebriation

IPN            I’m Posting Naked

LH6           Let’s Have Sex

LJBF        Let’s just be friends

LMIRL    Let’s Meet In Real Life

LYLAB/S Love You Like A Brother/Sister

NSA        No Strings Attached

RU/18      Are You Over 18?

WTTP      Want To Trade Pictures?



1174        The meeting place for  a party

420          Marijuana

BYAM     Between You and Me

4YEO      For Your Eyes Only

CRAFT    Can’t Remember a F’ing Thing

CICYHW  Can I Copy Your Homework?

DADT      Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

DOC          Drug Of Choice

SOBT       Stressed Out Big Time

TWD        Texting While Driving

WTPA      Where’s The Party At?

%\            Hangover

#-)         Exhausted, partied all night

%*}      Inebriated






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  • July 14, 2014


    BYAM, this is GR8! As a non-tech 303, I love the insider 411, KWIM? W2G!

    • Liz
      July 14, 2014


      That MOD

      (Okay we made up an acronym for Made Our Day.)

    • July 15, 2014



    • November 26, 2014


      this is not what teenagers say lmao

  • July 14, 2014

    Ro Sho

    This is very helpful and informative. Thank you!

  • July 14, 2014


    FTFY – fixed that for you

  • July 15, 2014

    Jay Lickus


    10Q for this comprehensive list.
    It’s amazing that an entirely new language has grown up around social media.
    I will definitely be passing this on to my Baby Boomer followers.

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  • July 15, 2014


    hey teens, guess what? 420 is not a secret!! We will know that one!

  • July 16, 2014


    GERBRA = getting laid

  • July 17, 2014


    DTF – Down To F**k

  • July 17, 2014


    Parents beware, I learned this one the hard way from my daughter the other day:

    DTA – Down to Anal

    • July 22, 2014


      Okay, but more often than not I see it as DFA or D4A, but admit there are dialectic differences in some of these…

  • July 18, 2014


    W00t is gamer slang for we own the other team. :P

  • July 18, 2014


    FTW does not mean “For the win” – it means F*#$ the World

    Most common usage “Guy” is For the Win. Unless, evidently, you are in a biker gang?

    – Eds

  • July 18, 2014


    YOLO = You Only Live Once

    WOM = Word of Mouth

    IDGF/IDGAF = I Don’t Give a F***

    MCM = Man Crush Monday (Instagram thing)

    WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday (Instagram)

    LA2D = Let’s Agree to Disagree

  • July 22, 2014


    Ed: As an internet “guru” doing it from b4 there was a web and sons in the trade – well connected – IDGAF about what the urban dictionary says – ask a hundred teens that WTF! Means and it’ll be What the F#ck! for 98 of them.
    I see it used quite frequently, in context, and use it myself, of course YMMV.

    Dave, we agree on WTF. Use it ourselves often. The discussion was about FTW – or For the Win. But hey, YMMV :) – Eds

    • July 22, 2014


      Great article though, even I saw one I didn’t already know.

  • July 23, 2014


    As a teen, I’ve only seen 3 of these used with out sarcasm. We will always be ahead of adults. That’s how it has always been, that’s how it will always be.

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  • August 19, 2014


    Cant wait for the day you are an adult, Rachel.

    But seriously, I’m an adult and most of these look like the acronyms used over 10 years ago on AIM and message boards.

  • August 21, 2014


    Ok god i have to say it. Im a sixteen year old girl and we use maybe a tenth of those. Me and my friends were seriously shocked and laughing our asses off (or lmao-ing) because this was so ridiculous. Ok so for example – can i copy your homework? We dont care. We will flat out ask: can i copy your homework. If a two kids wanna hang out, they will say: hey lets hang out. Not some big secret k?

  • September 12, 2014


    Yeah.. I’m 18 and as a teenager I can honestly say that we don’t text like this. Especially the “parent” section. Less than half of these are used. However, I can say that I totally understand why a parent would feel like they need these. This world is changing, and not for the better.

  • September 26, 2014


    I’m pretty sure most of these were made up by some mom. Never in my life have I heard of most of these acronyms.

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  • […] But back to the serious issue at hand, below are 28 Internet acronyms, which I learned from Greer and other parents I talked with, as well as from sites such as NoSlang.com and NetLingo.com, and from Cool Mom Tech’s 99 acronyms and phrases that every parent should know. […]

  • December 8, 2014


    These are all made up. I know this for fact, because I just put them in front of 30 teens. Not one response.

    As we said, slang of any kind will vary by state, by region, and even by school. So yes! They were all made up…by someone. Who is using them. We’re sure that in Canada, where you are, you have your own abbreviations.

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