If you’re like me, then you’ve done the mad scramble on your iPhone to try to find your plane ticket, your calendar, or even a photo of your kids (it’s okay, we’re all parents here). Well no more scrambling, or a little less at least thanks to the popSlate iPhone case.

From the front, it looks like any other simple, protective iPhone case, but on the back, it features an e-ink screen that you can customize with anything on your phone. So you can keep your to-do list or your favorite inspirational saying (hey, no judgment here) without having to suck battery life from your phone. Just connect with Bluetooth and you’ve got an extra screen right at your fingertips.

popSlate iPhone 6 case

Now while you can see the display in the dark, keep in mind that it’s not interactive, so you’re not actually able to check off things on your to-do list, or create calendar entries. It’s just for display. And yes, it’s pricey for a case, which isn’t really that surprising considering what you’re getting.

But knowing how many tabs I’ve always got open on my computer, and how often I’m flipping through my phone to find things, the popSlate seems like it could be a pretty smart sanity saver. Well that and I get to show off my kids wherever I go.

You can purchase the popSlate iPhone case on their website and save $10 with code 10NOW. It’s available in white and black for iPhone 6. 

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