What do you get for the kid who has everything? Cool STEM toys that might help them learn something new, we say. Because¬†even kids who have everything, don’t yet know everything. And now it’s easier than ever to¬†shop for awesome educational gifts, thanks to Amazon’s new section featuring STEM toys and games.

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They’ve got tons of our favorites that you’ve seen here, like Osmo¬†(above), MaKey MaKey, Goldieblox, Robot Turtles, littleBits¬†(below), and Tiggly Counts. Some of these were even named among our tcooles tech toys and gifts for kids¬†of last year.

I even found some STEM toys¬†that¬†my kids already own¬†and adore, like Laser Maze and Magna-Tiles, and some I know they’d be thrilled to check out, like Cubelets and the Thames & Kosmos crystal growing kit.

Surely you’ll find a ton of great ideas here. While there are¬†a few duds in the lineup, as most toy collections¬†are apt to have, mostly I’m¬†really impressed by the thoughtful selection here.

STEM toys and games on Amazon: littleBits


I can see Amazon’s STEM toys and games section being a great gift idea¬†resource for grandparents and relatives who may not know where to start, or even for classmates. The selection is broken down by age, which helps¬†gift-givers narrow down the options and avoid gifts that are too challenging — worse, as your kids will tell you, not challenging enough.¬†Because the last thing we’re going for is mooooom….this is for babies.¬†Although admittedly it’s kind of cool that there are starting to be STEM gifts for them, too.

Find a cool selection of STEM toys and games on our affiliate Amazon.

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