After a rather rough news week, I think we could all use a little bright spot of musical sunshine in our day. And to provide it, we’re turning to the very first band we ever featured here on Cool Mom Tech for our kids’ music download of the week series: Sunshine Collective. Way back in May of 2011, we fell in love with the happy sounds of Wanna Play? and, as if on cue, they’ve released another big dose of cheerful power pop right when we really need it.

Up To Something Good, the title song off their newly released second album, is a happy, multi-layered song with horns, strings, and backing vocals about a girl whose super powers can turn a rotten day into something special. It’s a great song to sing to our daughters, or maybe for your kids to sing to you—their own special superhero who kisses boo boo’s and makes a bad school day disappear with a hug and kiss.

Download a copy of Sunshine Collective’s Up To Something Good from iTunes. And the music video starring some small female superheroes is now on YouTube.