As much as I try to avoid typing long emails on my iPhone, there are times when it’s inevitable. And it’s those times when I long for the tactile keyboard of my first “smartphone” from eons ago. (Samsung BlackJack, anyone?) Typing has come a long way since then, but there’s nothing like the feel of an actual keyboard, which is why I’m digging the brand new¬†Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard.

This is one¬†of those accessories that doesn’t seem necessary, but once you start using it, you’ll realize it beats fiddling around with those tiny touch keys onscreen.¬†The K380 connects with any¬†Bluetooth enabled device, whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, even Apple TV.¬†Plus you can pair up to three devices to the keyboard and simply push a button to alternate¬†between the¬†three. Not that you’d be using all three at once, but it is easy to switch around.

Functionality-wise, the K380 is actually almost identical to the Logitech K480¬†that we liked¬†last year, with the¬†main difference being the absence of the groove at the top. And although it’s nice to have that slot to hold your mobile device, it’s not really necessary, and¬†eliminating it¬†shaves off about three inches¬†to make this keyboard even¬†more portable.

In fact if you want to toss¬†it into your bag¬†for real typing when out and about¬†it’s definitely small and lightweight enough.

The Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard is a fun and portable accessory for those who love to type

Set-up is¬†a snap and I’m really impressed with the functionality at such a good price. So far I’m finding it most useful alongside my iPad in the kitchen when I am helping the kids with homework (and trying to answer their¬†eternal questions), searching for recipes, and of course, those long emails. Oh, and also for tweets, Instagram searches…I guess I miss typing more than I realized. In fact, I’m thinking about launching a #bringbackthekeyboard campaign.

The Logitech K380 is available for $39.99 at our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to the company for sending a review unit to CMT.

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