This year, I’ve become a full-on coffee addict. Welcome to life with four kids. Or, any kids…right? But between cooking breakfasts and getting lunch boxes into backpacks and driving the kids to school (no bus for us, bummer), it’s rare to actually drink a whole cup of coffee while it’s still hot which is why I’ve got my eye on the Ember smart coffee mug. Let’s just say you will never drink a cold cup of coffee or tea again. Unless you intended that way.

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The Ember smart travel coffee mug keeps your coffee at your exact preferred temperature

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The Ember smart mug (top) uses smart technology to warm your drink to the perfect temperature for your personal taste. And get this, it keeps your drink at that ideal temp until you’ve finished your last drop.

Using the free accompanying app, you choose the temperature you want and then wait to be notified when your drink is ready. You can even preset certain temperatures for different drinks. Then, you can sip at your leisure, without gulping it down before it gets cold.

You can also purchase an Ember tall travel mug, which might be a little more practical for parents whose car is their second home.

Yes, it’s spendy. A lot. And a little over-the-top. But at the same time, I’m seriously impressed. And with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty with your purchase, it might just be worth a try, whether it’s a gift for yourself, or a lucky someone else.

You can find the original Ember smart mugs on Amazon, including a traditional Ember ceramic mug and the newer Ember tall travel mug.