I’m far from a photography expert, and admittedly, the only camera I use anymore is my iPhone.  While every now and then I get a great picture with it, I often feel bad that the only pictures of my kids are taken with the sub-par quality of a camera phone. That is, until I discovered Hipstamatic.

I first stumbled upon Hipstamatic while admiring photos on blogs, thinking they were taken with some fancy pants camera. But when I found out they were from a simple iPhone photo app, I definitely had to check it out.

This super cool iPhone photography app adds a filter to make your pics look like they were taken with one of those awesome old plastic cameras. What I love most is that it completely eliminates any issues with blurriness that you might get with the iPhone camera, which is nice when there’s just no way to take a picture of your kids three times in a row to get it right.

Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash