Grid-It Organizer
I’m one of those moms who could reallllly use one of those purse organizers and would get one then never actually use it; mostly because they contain a set number of pockets of specific sizes, which just doesn’t fly for this free spirit. (That’s code for “woman who likes to just toss things in her bag.”)

But I found an organizer, actually made for tech, that might just do the trick.

Granted, the Grid-It organizer from Cocoon was designed more for laptop bags than for purses, but hey, since I
carry my laptop in my purse, why not?

The ingenious woven criss-crossing strips of elastic allow you to
fit whatever you want, wherever you want, without being restricted by set pocket sizes. And since it’s small
and sleek, it doesn’t take over your entire bag.

I think it’s also a great choice for older kids who head back and forth to school with a tangle of wires, chargers, and devices shoved into a backpack and might need a little nudge to start taking better care of their electronics?

you need something bigger, the Grid-It comes in all different sizes. For just $14.99 I like the idea of being able to grab my phone, lip gloss, and pens without having
to scour my bag for five minutes. -Kristen

Check out all the smart organizational products at Cocoon.

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