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Between after-school activities, weekend soccer games, getting Caleb a birthday present for his party on Saturday, flu shot appointments, sending in the permission slip for the field trip, and, uh, you get the gist, it’s a wonder I don’t leave my house looking like Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest.

The list of to-dos that parents have on a daily basis is staggering.  That’s when the brilliant organizational site Teux Deux (a fancier “to-do”) comes to the rescue.

TeuxDeux is a
free, aesthetically-pleasing, no frills online platform for making to-do
lists and is the brain child of NYC designers extraordinaire, Tina Roth
Eisenberg of the most awesome design blog Swissmiss, and Fictive Kin.

There is a list available for each day of the week and you simply
type in your tasks into the site as they arise. You can move tasks
between days by dragging and dropping, and the best part is when you
complete a task, you can either leave it crossed off on your list or
delete it altogether. (I’m a crosser offer.) Then you get to do a happy dance. 

There is also a clever
“Someday” to do area where you can type in all the non-time-sensitive to-dos on
your life list like, Put all the photos into an album, or, Be a back-up singer for Donnie and Marie.
What? It’s possible.

TeuxDeux is also available as an iPhone app ($2.99) and whatever
information you enter into the app on your phone automatically syncs
into your browser-based TeuxDeux and vice versa. Making lists is fun. –Jeana

Find this great web-based to-do list application at TeuxDeux.com

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