Athena 365 - radio for women

It’s very rare in the car with my kids to be able to listen to a song I like the whole way through without interruptions. Whether there are relentless questions like, “Mommy, what’s this song called?” or “Mommy, what is the name of the person who sings this?” or groans of “I don’t like this songggggg,” I’m lucky if I can get a minute of my music time in. 

If it’s not going to happen in the car, I’ll make it happen somewhere else. That’s why I’m happy to have stumbled across a new online radio network made just for women.

is basically a consolidation of hundreds of free Internet radio
stations from around the country and is completely personalized for your
listening pleasure. You can choose from a number of genres, everything
from talk radio to pop to country, as well as stations dedicated to
seasonal music. Even Radio Disney for the kids. 

is free, or you can choose to upgrade to become a VIP member for $3.95 a
month. This will get you some perks including mobile access and fewer
radio ads. 
To have several minutes to myself
every day and listen to uninterrupted music of my choice is a luxury. If
I want to have my own personal dance party or just kick back with some
good ‘ol Bobby Brown, then that’s my prerogative. – Jeana

Check out the internet radio network Athena365