Be Speak iPhone appOur next Dads Dig This guest blogger is David Wescott, a Durham, NC-based dad who writes about public relations, science communication, and politics at It’s Not a Lecture.
I admit that most of the time you can find me in worn jeans and something with a Red Sox logo, but sometimes I want to look good. Real good. Like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman or Michael Douglas in Wall Street good. 

Problem is I don’t have a clue about how to look that good. But since I can’t call up Alan Flusser, the guy who outfitted Pacino and Douglas in those movies, I’m doing the next best thing – downloading his free iPhone app, BeSpeak.

BeSpeak lets you build a personal profile of all the things that help
you choose the right outfit – skin type, hair color, build, and more. The app helps you develop profile-driven wardrobe selections– suit, shirt,
tie, even pocket square if that’s your thing–and then builds an
outfit from the clothes you already have. Or it’ll help you build the
ultimate wardrobe if you’re looking to add a few things.  

David Wescott It's Not a LectureIt’s great for dads like me who could use a little style advice, but if you moms are
thinking about giving a man clothes for the holidays or any other
special occasion, you can build a profile with his info and get
suggestions immediately.

Just think – when you’re at the
store and the salesperson keeps steering you toward whatever is
overstocked at the moment, you can tell him your world-famous personal
stylist wouldn’t think too highly of the lavender tie, even if it is on
sale. –David Wescott

Download Alan Flusser’s free iphone app BeSpeak at