beatles on itunesWhile there are some awesome kindie rock bands out there that we’ve featured both here and on Cool Mom Picks,
there are plenty of awesome “adult” tunes out there that work just as well for our kids.

Now that the Beatles are on iTunes (whoo!), I’ve pulled together a few faves–perhaps less obvious than Yellow Submarine and Octopus’ Garden. And they’re all ready for downloading, whether you got a shiny new iPod under the tree or you’re looking to add some new life to your old one.

Just grab the whole album, or download individual songs and make your very own kid-friendly Beatles playlist. -Kristen

Hello Goodbye – (from Magical Mystery Tour) Because every kid (and parent) can identify with the lyrics You say yes and I say no.

I am the Walrus – (from Magical Mystery Tour)  It’s my daughter’s favorite, mostly because I think she likes that “goo goo g’joob” business.

All You Need is Love – (from Magical Mystery Tour) We sing “All you need is a nap” – pretty catchy.

All Together Now – (from Yellow Submarine) It’s got numbers, letters, and numbers, so it’s educational, right?

Good Day Sunshine – (from Revolver) Sing it after they’ve had you up half the night.

Twist and Shout – (from Please Please Me) My kids are great on the shouting. Still working on the twisting.

Eight Days a Week – (from Beatles for Sale) A love song that is fun to sing at any age.

Birthday – (from The Beatles (White Album)) Waaaaay more fun than the actual “Happy Birthday” song. 

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – (from The Beatles (White Album)) A chorus that is easy enough for the youngest to belt out—love singing along to this one when we’re stuck in traffic. 

Here Comes the Sun – (from Abbey Road) Lullabies come in all sorts of forms; this is one of our faves.

Tell us your kids’ favorite Beatles tune! And you can download these songs plus more Beatles music at All of the songs listed above can be found on and individually purchased from The Beatles Box Set.