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Best Buy Wish List is a sponsored series in which we feature the
things we’re coveting at Best Buy–and then give away gift cards so you can buy them yourself.  Whee!

Computers are pretty important gadgets to us bloggers. Imagine that. It’s a sickness really–our computers get to be a few years (or months) old and suddenly we’re saying ooh…lookie what else is out there.

Best Buy really does have an amazing selection. We sheepishly admit, we didn’t even realize until recently that they carried Apple products. It’s pretty sweet to have so many options from so many brands in one place so we can compare them, along with those clever Blue Shirt folks who can help us make the decision easier.

So, say the magic tech fairy were to wave her wand and grand our every computer wish. Here’s a few things that would top the list:


Holy moly, the iMac is back. Want! Want! We’d go for this big ol’ 27″ monitor, all things being equal, but hey, we’d settle for the 21″ one too. We’re not greedy.

Dell Studio Laptop

The Dell Studio Laptop is as pretty as it is thin (only one inch – wow), and the HD screen is easy on the eyes. Since both of Kristen’s laptops are dying as we speak, she needs this badly!

Acme Made Trixy Laptop Bag

Of course we can’t wish for a new laptop without wishing for a new laptop bag–or maybe that’s just our inner bag addicts talking. This Trixy Laptop Case from Acme Made is cute and comes in several stylish colors, and it doesn’t look laptop-y at all. (Is that a word?)

The way we see it, one of the smart things about nabbing a computer at Best Buy is that you automatically get six months of Geek Squad’s Ask An Agent service totally free. That means no bugging your techie friends or hitting up your friendly neighborhood IT guy for advice at the school potluck.

Plus, if you purchase a Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan (always, always get a protection plan with any computer) by January 1, you’ll get an extra month free. Because really, a cool computer is only as smart as the owner who knows how to use it. –Kristen + Liz

Order anything on Best Buy today, 12/27, and receive free shipping in support of the After Christmas Sales event!

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EXTRA EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! Turn your wish list into a reality, mamas, because we’re giving away the final two $500 gift cards to Best Buy!

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Congratulations to our two lucky winners who both will receive $500 gift cards to Best Buy: Danai R. and Karen M.

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