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Best Buy Wish List is a sponsored series in which we feature the
things we’re coveting at Best Buy–and then give away gift cards so you can buy them yourself.  Whee!

If you’re like us, then you’ve got a tablet or e-readers high on your holiday wish list (hear that, Santa?) but with so much new technology and so many options on the market these days, it’s pretty tough to decide which one is right for you. Well, other than all of them. Best Buy is the only place that actually carries all the e-readers out there. Yes, even the Kindle. Plus Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile got the cool tablets all of our readers seem to be coveting these days, all in one happy place.

At the top of our wish list:

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The new Samsung Galaxy Tablet is super light and compact (hello 7 inch screen). That means we can pop it in our handbags and whip it out for emergency Angry Birds sessions. What? Like you don’t have those yourself?

Nook Color

We’re also intrigued with the new Nook color, which lets you surf the web, and makes books practically jump off the page. We’d be excited to download a few interactive kids books for our little ones–at least if they manage to tear it away from our tight grip on it.

M Edge Nook Case

Considering our handbags can be a dangerous gauntlet of sippy cups, snack packs, and crayons, you can bet we’re not leaving the store without a case for our precious gadgets. This stylish leather platform jacket for Nook by M-Edge comes in lots of colors, including this season’s hot purple.

What tablet and e-readers are on your holiday wish list? Whatever they are, head over to your local Best Buy Store
to get help from the blue shirts. And don’t forget about their free smart phone offer through the month of December!

EXTRA EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! Turn your wish list into a reality, mamas, because we’re giving away two $500 gift cards to Best Buy!

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Congratulations to our two winners, Kizzi C. and Joanne S., for each winning $500 gift cards!

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