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Best Buy Wish List is a sponsored series in which we feature the
things we’re coveting at Best Buy–and then give away gift cards so you can buy them yourself.  Whee!

Of course one of the big holiday gifts these days is a smart phone, especially with all the cool options there to choose from. We can’t think of a better time to snag one than now, especially since you can get one free from Best Buy Mobile throughout this entire month. What’s more appealing than free? Um, not much.

Once you’ve decided whether the Droid Incredible by HTC or perhaps the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will make you a happy mama, it’s time to stock up on the all those fun mobile accessories. (You know how much we love accessorizing.)

If we had to fill our stocking with mobile goodies from Best Buy, we’d pick:

Hello Kitty iPhone wrap

There are quite a lot of smartphone case styles at Best Buy, and we’ve got our eyes on a few. Is it so wrong one of them is this Hello Kitty wrap for iPhone 4 case? For uh…ourselves?

jawbone icon The Hero

headsets make smart sense for multi-tasking mamas. We’re big fans of the Jawbone Icon The Hero bluetooth headset which is as
subtle as it is stylish. No gigantic whosiwhatsit sticking out of the side of your head.

bose MIE2 headset

With phones now doubling as MP3 players, headphones are a must for the gym, the plane, or late nights in the glider waiting for the baby to fall asleep. We’re coveting the the fab Bose MIE2 mobile headset, which promises amazing sound and lets you switch between music and calls. Plus they come with the clever StayHear ear tips that actually hold them in place when you’re working out. Genius.

We always say that accessories make the outfit and it’s no different with your tech. So grab your free smart phone and add some cool bling while you’re at it. And if you’re not sure what works for you, hit up the blue shirts and Geek Squad agents in person at your local Best Buy store and they’ll give you a hand.  -Liz + Kristen

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EXTRA EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! Turn your wish list into a reality, mamas, because we’re giving away two more $500 gift cards to Best Buy!

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Congratulations to our two lucky winners of the $500 Best Buy gift card: Holly D and Kiersten F. Enjoy!

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