This weekend on Cool Mom Picks, we uncovered an awesome custom video from Santa, and our readers are going nuts for it.  As are our own children.

So much so, it would be gross holiday negligence for me not to share it here so even more children can wake up their parents every morning at 6AM for the next week to ask you to play the video one more time.

Related: The new features at Portable North Pole are awesome.

The customization at Portable North Pole really is well done, with Santa or an elf saying your kid’s name (unless it’s a wacky name), and he even looks into his record book to reveal photos of your kids and details about them–all provided by you of course. The only teeny complaint: It was wonderful to hear him acknowledge that my daughter was in kindergarten; there was no such
option for my preschooler. Only daycare, baby sitters, or grade numbers.

But eh, small detail. Overall this is a truly wonderful video and might even be worth spending the money to download your own copy to keep. I’m sure my kids will ask to see it 70 more times today alone.

The best part might be the many options you have for Santa to remind your child what they need to keep working on this year, from going to bed when told, to working hard in school, or our challenge–trying new foods. Followed by him acknowledging just what special gift your kid is dying for this Christmas. Go with the “other” category on the far right and upload your own photo of it for real impact.

Then watch as your kids miraculously start trying new foods this week. Now that’s Christmas magic.