I know people that I can describe as a man or woman of their word, but that’s being taken to a whole new level when words become a style of personalization for gadgets.

 A pair of The Street Headphones are a holy, major, unabashed splurge at $1,100, but what you’re paying for isn’t what comes out of the headphones but what comes on top of them.

These headphones, via design and research collective Freedom of Creation, can be customized with songs, quotes or whatever words represent the person wearing it. You have to admit they do look pretty stunning. I’d imagine it could be a surprising anniversary gift if you put the lyrics to your wedding song on there.

Or really, itwould be such a cool present for your favorite record mogul, pop star, or Grammy-winning rap artist in your life. You do have one of those, right? -Beth

[Via Unplggd]

What words would you choose to put on a customized headphone?

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