Readeez educational videosIf you’re not familiar with Readeez, and you have a child who’s starting to read, then you’re in for a treat.
This series of adorably-designed videos are paired with songs, poems and written words to help kids associate letters with their accompanying sounds.

And we’re so excited to learn that they’re now going mobile, just in time for that long trip bag home from the grandparents’ this holiday. 

Readeez creator Michael Rachap, has brought the same lively world for the young reader that serves to both
entertain and educate onto a mobile platform. Through the magic of technology, you can now
download digital versions, called Omneez, of the hit DVDs onto your
iPhone, iPod, iPad and more, for anywhere/anytime viewing.

when your kid is with you at the dentist’s office and is whining about
being bored, you can give him your iPhone and teach him how to read
while you’re getting your teeth cleaned. We are efficient, aren’t we. – Jeana

Try out the new Readeez digital downloads for iPhone or iPad at Readeez. For a limited time, download a free sampler of the 12 most popular tunes in one 14-minute video clip. Enjoy!