starfall snowmanIf you woke up to snowmageddon this morning like we did (or more like a typical winter snowfall with a new 24 hour news cycle-friendly, alarmist name), your kids are probably begging you to get out there with them as soon as humanly possible. If they haven’t already.

After the real snowman building is done, hands are warming around mugs of hot chocolate, you can now bring your littlest kids inside for some virtual snowman-building on an iPhone or iPad app.

Similar in structure to favorites like Cupcakes!, kids can create their own snowmen on the Starfall Snowman app
by assigning features and accessories, then save them to a gallery.
There’s also a cute little matching game (though oddly it has nothing to
do with snowmen) that will entertain a 2 or 3 year-old.

While it’s promoted as educational…eh, not so much.
It’s more like a cute little app to distract your toddler for a bit while
you muster up another round of energy to brave the snowy backyard. –Liz

Starfall Snowman app is available through the iTunes store for $.99 for iPhone and iPad.