With kids around, you can bet I’m extra nervous about keeping my precious files, documents, photos and music on my computer and portable gadgets, so I’ve been making it a point to upload everything to the cloud for a little extra security. But instead of having photos here and music there, you can have everything in one place and even better, access it anywhere, thanks to the new Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.

To try out the Amazon Cloud Player, just sign up for a free account or if you’re already an Amazon customer, login with your existing user name and password. Using their uploader, you add your own music, documents, and video from your computer to the drive which will then be accessible from any computer. Then, use the player to stream music and videos through your computer browser. Android owners, you can stream music via your phone with free Amazon MP3 for Droid featuring Amazon Cloud Player (phew, that’s a long name).

Amazon is offering the first 5 GB for free, but you can easily upgrade to 20GB with a purchase of an album from the Amazon MP3 store. And any purchase made from Amazon will not eat into your storage space. Pretty cool.

The music sounds fantastic streaming through my browser, and toggling between the store and the player is pretty simple–no surprise there. The video, however, could definitely use a little bit of work. But I’m pretty sure the updates will come fast and furiously, so stay tuned. If anything, it’s a great way to keep everything in one safe place, and best of all, nowhere near the hands of my children. -Kristen (with the help from cool dad Bill)

Learn more about the new Amazon Cloud Player and Cloud Drive at Amazon.com and Android Owners, download the free Amazon MP3 app to stream music to your phone.