We’re so thrilled to welcome Lucky Diaz, one of our fave kindie rock artists, as our guest Dads Dig This blogger. He’s the father of a beautiful 7 year old daughter and lives in Los Angeles.

Like most dads, I usually spend post-bedtime evenings decompressing on the couch from a full day of homework, violin lessons, family fun runs and the all-so-famous “what’s for dinner” debate. So, I was recently delighted (to say the least) when for my birthday I scored the ultimate Daddy time app for my iPhone.

For those of you who are not familiar with Amplitube, it’s a wonderful software suite many guitarists (including my own band–the Family Jam Band) have been using in the studio for years to record modeled guitar amplifiers.

Lucky Diaz and daughter Ella

It’s pretty simple and a whole lotta fun for both professional musicians and recreational players. You’ll need to purchase an iRig unit which connects your electric guitar with a quarter-inch jack into your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack. With it, you’ll get the bare-bones amplitube iPhone app, however I say spend the extra $20 and grab the upgraded version which will get you extra stomp boxes (read: cool guitar effects like distortion), a multi-track recorder, and the real gold: Amplitube Fender!

For those of you just learning guitar, you can even import your favorite guitar anthems, slow them down and learn them note-to-note.

Hands down, this app is hours of amazing fun and no more retreating to the man-cave, guys. Be Jimmy page, Jack White or better yet, Stevie Ray Vaughn in the comfort of your living room while your partner-in-parenting watches Chopped undisturbed! Well, maybe not undisturbed, but a lot better off then having a Marshall half-stack cranked to eleven in the living room. Trust me. Lucky

You can purchase Amplitube app for iPhone and iPad at iTunes.com.

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