My daughter was about 11 when suddenly, earbuds sprouted from her head as a permanent fixture. And while it’s true that sometimes I’d rather not have to listen to “Firework” on repeat for an hour (ahem), there are also times when I’d like her to be able to hear me when I call her for dinner.

Paul Frank to the rescue!

The Julius Dance Machine is the perfect solution to your kiddo’s music needs. He’s not only adorable enough for the little ones and cool enough for the older ones, he’s also easy to use–dock your ‘pod, then adjust the volume with his ears. It also delivers surprisingly clear sound, courtesy of its SpeakerCraft components.

I cranked it up and there was no distortion at all, even at top volume. Plus his internal battery means he’s portable for up to 6 hours of music on the go. That’s handy when your mother is chasing you with a video camera. -Mir

You can buy the Julius Dance Machine at Paul Frank or from our affiliate, Amazon.

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