Ever get the feeling that you’re not being heard? If you have children, you know what I’m talking about. Well if your kid isn’t going to listen, at least you can rely on your faithful computer to do as you say. At least if you’ve got the truly miraculous Dragon Dictation software.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation voice recognition software on your PC, your voice suddenly becomes your greatest ally. The software is truly amazing and recognizes hundreds of commands that lets you launch applications, create documents, write emails, search the Web and so much more–without having to lift a finger, literally.

But what’s cool is that it recognizes Microsoft Word commands you may be used to, like increase font size to 16.  But you do have to get used to the verbiage, like remembering to say, new paragraph or this software is amazing exclamation point. It’s super easy to load onto your computer, just insert the CD and follow the directions. Put on the headset that comes with the program and you’ll soon be on your way to dictating to your heart’s content.

There are so many instances in which this product could come in handy, say, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome when you’re pregnant, or are trying to work and nurse a newborn at the same time. Or hey, maybe you just want to know that someone is listening to you.  Even if it’s your computer. -Jeana 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home edition is $49.99 on Amazon. This version is intended for home use and only works on PCs. There is a Mac version available as well.