Like so many moms these days, I try live in an environmentally friendly way the best I can. I recycle, I keep reusable bags in my car. And although using my smart phone is hardly an eco-friendly activity, I’m happy to see so many eco-friendly accessories and cases entering the market.

Here are just a few I’ve handpicked for the iPhone the next time you’re case shopping. Team Green! –Jeana

True Bamboo

For the ultimate eco-friendly statement, you can wrap your phone in this gorgeous True Bamboo case (above). Made entirely from sustainable bamboo, it’s available for both the ATT and Verizon iPhone 4.  ($59.95 from Boxwave)


The bioserie cases are derived entirely from plants and renewable sources with no toxic materials. From a production standpoint, they consume far less petroleum and contribute minimal greenhouse gases compared to traditional plastics.  (iPhone 4 cases are $34.95 from bioserie or our affiliate

EcoShield recycled plastic iPhone case


That EcoShield case you’re looking at used to hold someone’s seltzer water. It’s true–there is at least one recycled plastic bottle in every case. Pretty cool. It is made entirely from recycled plastic and the case also comes with a black metal table stand for your iPhone 4. I like the concept but wish it was offered in different colors. (ed. note: EcoShield cases are no longer available, but check out the other cases from Agent18)

 photo innovezcases_zps60850686.jpg

Innovez Biodegradable Case

This case is made from a material called EcoPure, which is a biodegradable and transparent plastic. If it ends up in a landfill, it will turn into soil and not emit any harmful toxins. The Innovez line comes in a variety of bright colors for both iPhone4s and is also transparent plastic so you can show off your phone at the same time you’re showing off your case. (For $34.99 at Innovez Cases or on Amazon)