The joke around our house is that by the time we actually get around to sending paper baby announcements, we might as well just make them first birthday party invitations and kill two birds with one stone. Or card.

Too bad I didn’t have this amazing iPhone app which allows you to send gorgeous vintage inspired birth announcements right from your phone.

The beauty of the Cartolina iPhone app is that you won’t hear any complaints, even from the grandparents, if you actually don’t happen to get around to sending actual paper announcements for a few months. Yes, they’re just that beautiful. Simply type in your message into the template and send, text, or update your Facebook page with them.

It’s such a stylish, unexpected way to send off that first exciting baby arrival news to all your friends and family. You can even start with the iPhone app, to keep the crazy aunts at bay, then follow up with the real thing (so to speak) when you finally have a minute.

And if you don’t have a reason to send baby announcements, the app is full of equally gorgeous generic templates that are a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday, Congrats!, or a simple, sophisticated Hello. -Kristen

Purchase the Cartolina iPhone app at So worth the $1.99, mamas!