Craig NewmarkIf you haven’t already heard about the cool new project started by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, we’re super excited to be the ones who get to tell you about it. It’s called craigconnects, and it’s all about connecting fantastic non-profits with each other and with the public.

The site has started with 7 areas of support — basic categories under which they’ve begun to list non-profits who are active in those areas, including Open & Accountable Government, Service & Volunteering, and Technology for Social Good. (We really dig that last one.)

You can explore non-profits in your personal areas of interest and find out how to get involved with them. Or you can submit your own favorite non-profit on the Connect With Craig page. If you’re short on time (like parents usually are) check their Featured Non-Profit. The current one is DonorsChoose, which just so happens to be a Cool Mom Picks top fave too.

Craig is committed to this project for the duration — he’s already thinking about twenty years down the line. Few parents are able to see as far ahead as next week, nor are we ready to pack up and head overseas for some hardcore volunteer work. But perhaps craigconnects can help us all find a cause or two closer to home that could use our involvement. -Julie

Learn more about craigconnects and how you can get involved with non-profits on the craigconnects website