Fellow iPad enthusiasts rejoice! This weekend is the official retail release of the iPad 2, prompting hoards of tech enthusiasts and Apple fans to whip out their wallets and shell out some serious cash for this beautiful piece of gadgetry. This is a big investment and any financial advisor (or Cool Mom Tech writer) would tell you that you need to protect your big investment.

Enter SquareTrade. This company provides discounted warranties on electronics, gadgets, and yes, iPads. Rather than getting pressured at the counter when you are already plunking down part of your retirement fund, SquareTrade offers the same tech warranties at discounted prices online  – up to 40% off what retailers offer – and even goes further than AppleCare does.

One of the nice things included with the warranty is a free two-year buy-back guarantee. So in this case, if the rumored iPad 3 comes out in six months time and you want to part with the 2, you can sell it back for 50% of the purchase price, with the percentages decreasing as time elapses past six months.

If you’re like millions of others and plan to purchase an iPad 2, get a warranty. You’ll be so happy you did, especially after your toddler accidentally drops it down the stairs when she’s holding it and trying to drink from her sippy cup at the same time. It could happen. And has.

Visit SquareTrade for more info on warranties. If you “Like” SquareTrade’s Facebook page, they often offer benefits and coupon codes.