While you’re practicing that tongue twister, take a moment to gather up all the old cell phones in your house (you know what I mean) and try and get some cash for them. There are many sites out there like CMT-recommended ReCellular that offer to buy back used electronics, and it can be hard to know where you’ll get the best deal.

Before you accept the first offer from the first buy-back site that pops up in a Google search, take a look at SellCell. It’s a free comparison site that automatically compares prices from the largest buy-back sites on the Internet. Simply type in whatever model phone you’d like to sell and it will pull up offers, as well as tell you the kinds of things they require to secure the price, like cords, instruction manuals and chargers.

It certainly pays to do your research–when I typed in iPhone 3GS, the range of prices was huge, with one site offering $130 and other offering $215. That difference would buy you a lot of apps. Cut the Rope for everyone! -Jeana

Compare prices for used cell phones online at SellCell.