Ever since my kids got their very own MP3 players, they’ve become heavily music-dependent. Lots of times I’m okay with that, but I’m certainly not going to let them sleep with headphones on. And neither do I want to be listening to battle of the dueling CD players each night between their rooms.

A simple solution: the Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort pillow. It has an embedded speaker that you really have to dig around to even locate, so there’s no weird lumps or corners sticking into their heads. Use the attached cord to hook it up to your existing iPod, phone, or whatever, then set said device safely on the floor or nightstand (out of harm’s way).

While the speaker may not pass the test with a veteran audiophile, it’s decent enough quality to deliver a little bedtime music or audiobook goodness. And here’s the best part: When the volume is just right for the head on the pillow, you can’t even hear it from more than about three feet away.

That means it’s perfect if you’ve got kids sharing a room, or if you just enjoy the blessed sound of silence. -Mir

You can buy the Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort pillow through our affiliate, Amazon.