I was wondering if Cool Mom Tech has a recommendation for an online calendar system to keep up with everyone’s busy
schedules in my family? I need something that syncs with my Blackberry, as well as Outlook or Yahoo, and preferably free! -PI

We’re firm believers in syncing up your calendar with your smartphone, PI, in fact, that’s really one of the benefits of carrying a fancypants phone.

Now here at Cool Mom Tech, we’re Gmail users so we’re big fans of Google calendar, which has a downloadable app to get you started.

Since you mentioned Yahoo!, you’ll be glad to know that they also have a mobile app, which is helpful if you’ve got Yahoo! email addresses and a calendar, of course.

You should also check out Cozi which is is a free organizational system and super popular with many families. It’s compatible with Blackberry because it syncs up with Outlook. They’ve also got iPhone and Android apps as well, in case you have someone else in the brood with a different phone. –Kristen

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