Put kids and gadgets together and it can be pretty risky business. Whether it’s a potential sippy cup leak in my purse or a tumble on the hardwood floors in my kitchen, I’m more than a little worried when I let my kids play on my iPhone 4.

What they really need is a completely kid proof iPhone case, which I think is exactly what I finally found.

When I saw the LifeProof Apple iPhone 4 case, you can bet I popped my name right on that pre-order list. This amazing case protects your precious phone against dust and shock, just in case you’re stuck in a sand storm or accidentally drop it from up to 6 feet high–which actually isn’t that impossible. Trust me. And it’s also completely waterproof; in fact, you can actually swim with it, so a dunk in some juice should be child’s play.

For all features that the LifeProof case purports, it still looks reasonably sleek and streamlined, which is really just an added bonus. I’m just happy I won’t have to worry about the dreaded “phone in the toilet” scenario. -Kristen

Pre-order the LifeProof Apple iPhone 4 case at LifeProof.com